REGEN Project

In the face of escalating socio-economic disparities and the threat of climate change, European cities grapple with challenges. Ageing infrastructure, inefficient energy systems and unsustainable urban planning exacerbate environmental degradation.

In this context, the EU-funded REGEN project aims to decarbonise European neighbourhoods by employing a multifaceted toolbox powered by digital technologies and sustainability assessments.


AFUR Concept

REGEN’s holistic Assessment Framework for Urban Regeneration (AFUR) leads to environmental sustainability, economic revitalisation and social inclusion.

AFUR supports stakeholders towards decarbonisation pathways, strengthening their resilience to climate change through the implementation of selected regeneration interventions in 4 demos. Co-designed with stakeholders, new participatory processes and digital tool solutions will revitalise underdeveloped areas, improving the quality of life and attracting new investment.

Horizon Europe

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 Sylvain Kubicki

REGEN Coordinator, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

Mohaddeseh Maktabifard

DEC Manager of REGEN project, R2M Solution