Urban Demonstration Site

Milan . Italy

23.000 sq.km

Extension of the demonstration area


Number of buildings




% of people > 64y

Milan is one of the cities in EU Mission’s Net-Zero Cities initiative. The Giambellino-Lorenteggio neighbourhood in Milan is a semi-central district currently under regeneration. The total size of the demo site is 23.000 sq.m, and its direct area of influence (nearby neighbourhood) is around 1,9 sq.km.

More than 50,000 people live in the Giambellino and Lorenteggio districts, and over 25% are foreigners. These districts were built in the 1920s, and until the 1970s most of the inhabitants were workers of the factories located along the Naviglio river. There are about 2,600 public housing units in the area, mainly in precarious conditions, which are owned by the Municipality of Milan and by Aler (the regional public housing management company).

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 Sylvain Kubicki

REGEN Coordinator, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)


Mohaddeseh Maktabifard

DEC Manager of REGEN project, R2M Solution