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Extension of the demonstration area


Housing units


Independent rental homes

150 M€

Investment in developments (2018)

Rural Demonstration Site

Groningen . The Netherlands

The overall layout of the area is typical for a 1960s ‘stamp’ district (a typical dutch urban planning principle, which refers to mostly the post-war residential areas, where many building blocks were constructed close to each other to ease the housing shortage) with many terraced houses from that time period. The urban structure of the district is monotonous by today’s standards. The street scene is clearly designed for cars. The local facilities are located on the south and west side of the district. The district has a lot of greenery, but much is within the building blocks or on the edges of the building block structure (the higher buildings form a central element of the neighbourhood and the outskirts of those buildings could be surrounded by greenery), and is considered to have lower importance within the neighbourhood compared to other districts.

The Selwerd rehabilitation program (active since 2018) will continue to focus on four main domains: (i) The domain of housing. Themes such as the quality of the housing stock, sustainability, relocation movements, social sustainability and composition of the neighbourhood; (ii) The domain of the residential environment. Themes such as safety and attractiveness, encounters and healthy exercise; (iii) The domain of social participation; and (iv) The domain of personal quality of life. Themes of mental and physical health, poverty, upbringing, education and self-management.

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 Sylvain Kubicki

REGEN Coordinator, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

Mohaddeseh Maktabifard

DEC Manager of REGEN project, R2M Solution