Intelligent Communities Lifecycle (ICL)


Technology Component (TC)

Digital twins – energy – GIS – BIM



Technology Readiness Level (TRL)



Bridging the gap between the real world and simulation, the ICL Urban Digital Twin enables the energy efficient design and continuous operational optimisation of not just single but entire groups of buildings. ICL Digital Twin tools are used to implement a coherent and effective decarbonisation plan for any built environment assets.

ICL combines physics-based simulation with 3D modelling, real-time operational data, machine learning and AI, bringing data from any source into an interconnected platform to investigate performance at any level. In REGEN, the integration of ICL with MUST will be developed to enable further functionalities for participatory urban planning while the incorporation of the AFUR framework will expand the scope of offered services from the platform and will make available data to further digital applications downstream.

Horizon Europe

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 Sylvain Kubicki

REGEN Coordinator, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

Mohaddeseh Maktabifard

DEC Manager of REGEN project, R2M Solution